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Our goal and our passion has been to work hard with our future leaders the youth of Great Britain and the rest of the world with special gifts. To Minister and entertain our fans, and just plain have fun in the community with the presence of the Lord. We are excited to be ministering weekly and hope to see you soon at a show  your gift show– take a look at our calendar, or just drop us a line. syg is now visiting local churches to host show your gift attracting more worshippers to be winners and creating full awareness before hosting the state. The winners from the churches become the judges for the state event. This is our way of promoting the church and community winners.. Contact us if you want us to visit your church with the package we have.... 

For full details for next talent hunt and our work with the widows and street girls please go to www.showyourgift.org

Our Aims and Objectives for the  Shelter Home for ex Prostitutes, Battered Women and young Widows

Over the years there has been an increase in literacy and numeracy skills within young adults, however there are young adults who have been less privileged for one reason or the other, unable to obtain such basic literacy and numeracy skills, that are not only highly necessary for working environment but are also crucial for daily tasks.

This programme aims to provide not only an environment that teaches necessary skills such as basic Maths and Literacy but also aims to promote creativity within less privileged young adults by providing programmes on acquisition and skills such as sewing, painting and various other skills that can help promote self confidence and pride within oneself. 

While the sole aim of the class and programme is to teach, empower and equip such young vulnerable young adults, such programme will naturally create an environment that allows such individuals to socialise and interact with other individuals from various backgrounds. 

Aims and Objectives of running basic Maths and English course for the less privilege young adults.

  • Prepare and empower less privileged young adults with skills necessary for the working world, such as Maths and English.  

  • Place confidence within young adults concerning their abilities and their skills.  

  • Equip them with skills that are necessary for daily/everyday tasks.  

  • Provide a safe haven for less privileged adults to socalise and network with other individuals from various backgrounds. 

  • Delivering solutions within the Greenwich Community concerning less privileged young adults issues.


    Aims and objectives of running a skills and acquisition programme:

  • Provide a comfortable environment, that allows students to learn new skills and also perfect current acquisition skills, such as sewing and painting.  

  • Promote creativity within young adults.

  • Bringing out talents in the country  

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