Staff and Trustees


                                                       National Director and Chief Executive Office

Juliet Oniovosa Iyeyemi Ibe 


 Juliet Ibe is the National Director or Anewlife Project International. She is a British Citizen and Live in the UK with her family. She is bless with a unique voice with over 650 songs to her credit.

She has a  passion for Widows, Orphans, Battered Women, and young women who are not honoured in their communities. The joy to work with the widows and orphans is her greatest desire, She belief that she is on this earth to make people happy.  Juliet Oniovosa  (AKA juliet the singer) is the Visioneer of Anewlife Project, U.K and World wide. She is a international missionary, seasoned Preacher, Conference Teacher, Mentor, one to one counsellor,Talk Show host for youths. God gave her the vision of bringing out worshippers and helping the orphans and widow in their affliction in 2006. She is also the founder of Just Ladies Talk Show. A show to advocate for women facing inequality in the country and domestic violence. She is a strong voice for peace and orderly in communities home and abroad.

She is the CEO for Show your Gift talent Hunt- Where she elevated singer and gifted people from very low income to achieve a purpose in life.  

She is determined that our children will not be used for child exploitation in Africa. A voice for women and young adults.

 Juliet and her team from London recently visited the street of Lagos at night to talk to young teenagers prostituting themselves on the street of Lagos. It is so painful to see children of my daughters age selling themselves and been abused just for £10 a night. What can you do to be a part?

she received an award in the UK for Humanitarian Service- contribution to inclusion and community service in November 2016. on the 25th of June 2017 She receive another award in Nigeria marking the international women day,  in recognition of outstanding performance in her chosen carrier, integrity, selfless service to humanity and inspirational lifestyle.



Evangelist Ezinne Ikiebe Evang Ezinne Ikiebe is the founder of Face of Joy International Charity.

She is a Nurse Practioner who holds two Barcelona of science degrees in Economics and Mental health studies. Ezinne has in her Nursing career worked with the Elderly, drug and alcohol abuse and psychologist in the community.


Honourable Charles Ugbo Personal Profile -Project Manager

I am a confident and well qualified individual currently working as a project coordinator in Greenwich inclusion Project GRIP on Equality on Employment, I am also an independent Policy adviser Delta state governmental policy department. I have experience in advising labour party of United Kingdom on foreign policy and conflict management. I am also Skilled in analysing and presenting information, proof reading and summarising large documents, and producing clear and concise reports. An active party member and contributor to local politics experienced in gathering and researching information and producing workable policy proposals.

 Charles Ugbo has a BA Hons in Political Science, University of Greenwich, and Certificate in IT achieved via the Open University in 2003. Grade: Merit

Currently with Greenwich Inclusion Project (GRIP) Project Co-ordinator

* Research on BAME equality on Employment

* Research on BAME Business inclusion Project

* Research on Craft Centre Project for Less Privilege

* Embark on Hostel Accommodation Project for Widows Children

* Seek Funding for Charity Projects


Ese Ikpama - Trustees/Personal Assistant

My name is Ese Ikpama. I am from Delta State Nigeria I am married and presently live in Lagos State. I am a member of the trustee and also a personal assistant to the Visionaire of the project Anew Life. Anew Life is a project that basically gives hope to people in the society to live again. I am privileged to be one of the trustees that will make things happen as this project move from one state to the other.

I have seen how widows, orphans and battered women are treated in this country I must say it is not a nice site to look at. Working with Juliet Ibe in the last 8 years has given me the passion to know how to treat a battered woman or that young prostitute coming out of the street to get a new life of joy and happiness.

I will work hard to see the goals of this project (AL) come to a platform where widows are recognized and reduction of poverty in general.


Sylvia Iyeyemi - Project Manager



Anita c Ijezie, Event Manager Nigeria

born February 7th married, live in  Lagos state.

I am a singer,and a member of the Anewlife Project charity organisation, I joined this organisation because charity is a way of expressing love to the needy and the less privileged, and it's only a heart of love that can do that, so singing and doing charity work is the best thing that has happened to me.


Pastor Eunice Komon - Trustee



Mr Augustus Iyeyemi - Trustee


Evelyn Afred - Event Manager UK