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Isaac Bankah

has been a Christian for 27 years.  He works in the United Kingdom as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and is married to his wife, Yvonne for 16 years and is blessed with two children – Ekow and Kwamina.  Isaac has been involved in marriage counseling for about nine years and has a great passion to see marriages succeed. Read more about Isaac by clicking the link below.




As we pride ourselves on being traditional in our production methods, our bread is made from scratch carefully sourcing  the finest ingredients and lovingly handcrafted and delivered to our customers daily.

The taste of the pudding they say is in the eating and we invite you to try our quality bread and we promise you will be “Lulu-fied” forever!



Agape Child Development Center is a non-profit child care program that’s meeting the high demands of a non-standard hour care center. Agape has been in operation since 1997 and is the first of its kind in the state of Minnesota. Oasis of Love, Inc., a program of Agape was established in 1986 with a firm commitment to family preservation and restoration. OASIS bridges the gap between the faith community and community systems such as courts, schools, child protection, and law enforcement

LadyLights Golden Foundation is set up to offer schemes to help the underprivileged both in education and the provision of basic amenities, such as housing, clothing and food in the UK and in Africa.

    In the UK, the organisation will provide various mentoring services to the youth for an inclusive development of career, extracurricular activities and hobbies. There will also be schemes to assist adults in

    • housing and development of soft skills.


    Eloghosa Fibiana Foundation (Elog-Fibs) is a community based organisations, whose aim is to stand in the gap created in the society due to socio-economy status. Elog-Fibs is based on love and compassion for mankind and his environment.

    Our primary aim is to provide homes and hope for orphans and teenagers who are less privileged. Elog-Fibs Foundation is neither limited nor restricted to catering for the orphans and homeless teens only but equally stands to promote health awareness (eg HIV, Polio, Cancer and Heart diseases) and to encourage healthy life styles, especially among the youth for a better tomorrow.

    Face of Joy is charity that supports the community and less privileged. Our products are sold to support our projects such as health awareness workshops.

    We believe in the importance of empowering individuals with great talents and skills neccessary to succeed within the community. Anew life and Show your gift is a twin project which has the same aims and objectives. .

    The winner of every show will be empowered with finance to be a well know art in the country. We now aim to build a shelter home for young vulnerable women unable to obtain shelter after leaving the street.

    To encourage and equip them with necessary skills for employment. We also believe in empowering our youths to use their talent to make sustainable income by providing assistant through art related project such as show your gift talent show



    The Redeemed Assemblies Trust is a unique church with 
    love and passion for God and our community. We are a community focused church and believe in inspiring people.

    We are here to motivate people and help them live a better life. Presently, we run a free breakfast, free internet café, free legal advisory service dealing with immigration, housing, family and employment for the local community on weekend  We mentor, support, and encourage people in all areas of life, creating activities suitable for everyone

    we write to humbly introduce our company for patronage. Chiobego Concept Limited.

    Chiobego is multi dynamic service event company that specialises in customised event solutions for the personal and corporate clients. Our services also include; Corporate Gifts; Interiors ;Advertising; Media Services; Fashion (Cosmetic; Shoes; Bags; and Fabrics) Our commitment to delivering event of highest standard is at core in everything we do. 




    Sylvia Vision is to provide net in the homes of less privileged people.

    Net reduces Malaria

    Malaria is caused by a parasite called Plasmodium, which is transmitted via the bites of infected mosquitoes. In the human body, the parasites multiply in the liver, and then infect red blood cells. Usually, people get malaria by being bitten by an infective female Anopheles mosquito.

     Therefore it is vital that you take necessary precautions to avoid being bitten, such as sleeping under a mosquito net.