A bag of Big Rice

£ 40 

We are all to have compassion on those who are dying of starvation. Please dont fold your hands do something today. see link below to see lives that we have reached in the last year. We can do our best and leave the rest to God. 





Other Donations. Please click on donation and enter amount. Thank You


Widows and Poor people Kiosk

£ 100.00 

A kiosk is a small business that enable the poor person make money by selling daily food stuff to raise money to take care of Her family. We will build it and buy product for sale in it. The widow will replenish as she sells


Give what you Have in mind.

£ 250.00 

You can decide to give more than one bag of rice or kiosk. Do what you are confortable doing. Every Little Helps.

Thank you. We will like to say thank you by putting your name under our sponsors page. Indicate if this is ok.