3 days breakfast for the poor

£ 10.00 

My faithful mission partners. I will be embarking on a mission trip next week. We plan to give the children and widows in Alimosho local government breakfast for 3 days.  some of them do not have a first meal until the evening which is so  sad. We want to simply share God's love with them. If there is anyway you can assistant Anewlife project please do. We estimate feeding 1 person for 3 days for £10. We hope to feed over 100 everyday. Please support the project to reach out to the needy. Even if it’s one person you can feed that will be great. Let your seed speak for you and your children tomorrow. Please follow us on Facebook and website to see update on work done so far . Your name has already been summits to heaven for taking care of the less privilege I have no doubt in my heart that God will bless you. Get in touch Email:anewlifee@Hotmail.com

Follow this link to contribute.