Biography of Pastor Juliet Oniovosa Ibe

Juliet Oniovosa Ibe (AKA PJ & ANOINTED VOICE) is the Visioneer and managing Director of Anewlife Project, Show your gift gospel talent show (SYG) U.K and World wide. She is a international seasoned Preacher, Conference Teacher, Mentor, one to one counsellor, (No 1 relationship counsellor) Talk Show host for youths and a voice for women in the society and restoring hope to the forgotten. Author of 3 books: KICK THAT PERSON OUT IDENTIFY YOURSELF, HEART PRAISE AND IT'S OK TO LOVE AGAIN. Her first love is to write inspiration songs and love to worship with over 650 songs written by Juliet well know as PJ. She has a great passion to eradicate poverty in the West of Africa and love to do humanitarian work in the remote parts of Africa.  She has six award to her credit. In September 2016 she received an award from the UNA for contributions to inclusion and community services in UK and Africa. She was also awarded on the international women's day in Nigeria, June 2016, in recognition of outstanding performance in chosen carrier, integrity, Selfless service to humanity and inspirational lifestyle. She has since banked four more award and the seventh on its way on the 8th of March 2019 by WAW (Women Appreciating Women) Hall of Fame honorary award and recently received a 9th award for the Most Influential Woman 2019. 

Her Second love is the Charity work.
Anewlife project came into being in 2006 after going to Liberia and Nigeria and seeing the need among vulnerable people. God called me to this work and we have vision to set up food banks, education projects, Youth Activities to promote talents, work with the orphans in the community, widows and providing shelter for women, who have been on the streets and subjected to domestic violence.

Even before this we have made regular ministry trips, combining the gospel and social action projects to help relieve poverty and create peace in the community. The basis of our work is found in James 1:27 

 Recently launched her 7th album which has 3 in 1 cd. The morning prayer "The fruit from my lips", worship cd titled "Lift him higher", and a book on a cd "Kick that person out identify yourself".  Launched her fourth CD titled “ Woman of Worth” in Dec 2007 sold over 5000 copies this was dedicated to women ministry; looking forward to launching her fifth album sometime in the summer, reflecting to how Christian should live a life of worship to the one and only true God. Juliet  well known as the “Anointed voice” carries a great anointing directly from the throne of Heaven and there is no doubt that she is in the royal priest hood of the Lord Amen. 

Ministering all over  UK she was opportune to minister at the Royal Albert Hall for the royal performing act closing the show with amazing grace which touched the heart of so many. She Recently started her world tour to America where she ministered in the Hospice “ the home for the dying” there was a great move as the Lord touched the heart of many who has lost hope he restored them again and gave them assurance of coming home. She also visited the senior’s home where she passed the message through her singing, teaching them how to praise and worship the king of king with no reservation.

In the state of Ohio she introduced a community choir, called the Jesus only Pentecostal community choir for youths from the age of 11- 25 years old. 

In London she is the music minister for Jubilee Christian Centre, she is also the President for the Jubilee community choir where she leads the youth in the south east area of London, with the help of the Lord she is the founder of Not Guilty Christian club in London.  Juliet is also the chairperson for the mission committee in London and overseas this is where her heart lies with great compassion for the orphans and widows ( she has since sponsored five children to attend school in the manna orphanage school in Owerri and visit them as frequent as she can, her long desire is to reach out to the rest of the world with the gift the Lord has given to her that is the gift of love which flows from the grace of God. She is very passionate about the widows and young women especially the ones in the street. Her long term go is to see prostitute and battered women restore to the origin of a good woman through a project call OUT BACK IN to be lunch 2015.

(1st Corinthians 3 V 13 every man‘s work shall be made manifest for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire: and the fire shall try every man`s work of what sort it is).

Along with her duties she is also a teacher in heart praise, developer,worship and love. She was involved in the Tsunami gospel concert held in London to raise money for those who have great lost, she performed with Shabach, Jerry Thompson and Marvia Providence. Just opened a Christian club called not guilty Christian club along with the not guilty community club
Opened October 2006 for young people in her community.

She was opportune to minister in song at the Reinhard Bonke one million man crusade in Agbor Nigeria. She traveled to Liberia where she met with the widows of the war over 5000 came to see her she feed them with the sponsorship of Jubilee Christian Centre London and gave them hope of finding first God's love and man's love she longs to visit again as soon as finance is sorted.

She is a true example of what James 1:27 says about us Christians. She has just launched her 7th album titled "Unstoppable" This will be use as part of her fund raising element. Be a part of this great work

She recently visited River State in Nigeria to host Show Your Gift and visiting the widows and orphans. She worked with a team of 7 and 7 Ministers who hosted a party for the orphans and the widow just to see them smile again. This is her passion. A group of dancers won the price for Show your Gift 2013 P Squad. 

She is now planing the Missionaries Appreciation Day in July and Show Your Gift Lagos State in August 2017.

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