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Anewlife Project (Improving lives of less privileged young adults, Prostitutes and Widows in the community)

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RE: Anew life Shelter Home for Ex Young Prostitutes and Widows


Dear Friend


I am writing to you today to tell you about Anew Life Project and how God is using us to do his work in the suburb area of Nigeria as project workers and missionaries. We are a small organization that runs monthly supply resources to widows in Nigeria and a drop-in service providing advice and support for vulnerable women and young adults. This important work relies on the good will of volunteers and we have no funds to put towards the project.


On our last outreach mission carried out on the famous street in Lagos state (Allen Avenue), We came across young prostitutes who are prostituting themselves for just £40 equivalent all night, The missionary team from UK all went out that night in search of vulnerable/ traumatised girls/young ladies with lots of potential out there on the street. Chioma is the first girl we met. She told us she was abandoned as a child, left to take care for her 2 younger sibling and that is why she is on the street. She told us she will stop prostituting and start serving God if she can start a little business of about 100.000 Naira (£300). We have since been communicating with Chioma and giving her counselling.  We met two other girls Rosemary and Lisa who have given up on life. They said they have been forgotten by everyone and there are many more young girls with similar problem. This is a painful experience as a clergy, mother and missionary. We all went back home speechless after leaving those girls on the street.


It is a very traumatic situation because we are unable to help support her in starting her business and giving her the means to get out of prostitution and raise her young siblings in a safe environment. She is very distraught for her and her sibling’s life. The possibility of contracting STI diseases is 95% if she does not stop.  However, if you were able to offer a cash grant to support some of these girls, we have people in place to assist them start a business and support them to make sure they don’t go back to the street. It would be very useful, as they will have some financial means to survive on and build a life on. It would be the positive change they needs to take control of their future. Anewlife Project (ANP) will be organising series of concerts and fundraising events to raise funds for the long term plan. We want to build a shelter home with the capacity to take 24 to 30 girls when we bring them out of the street.

Some of the activities in the shelter home will include: Health Centre, Conference Room, Counselling Room, Work Agency, Kitchen, Living Room, Study Room, 12 Bedrooms and a worship place. This will enable us fulfil the vision of anewlife project below. Your generous donation will go towards:


  • Setting up short courses that will assist ex prostitute gain employment
  • To support widows and vulnerable women especially those who have been victims of domestic violence to restore their confidence and self-esteem and support them to re-integrate into the society.
  • To provide shelter for Prostitute coming out from the street. When they are in the shelter we will organise basic and vocational skills training (Hair dressing, Catering, Fashion designer, Health and Beauty, ICT, Music, Arts, Drama, Dance, ESOL - literacy, etc.)  To enhance their employment opportunities.
  • To organise skill-based personal development training, workshops, conferences, seminars on sustainable women development initiatives.
  • Provide one-to-one mentoring, career guidance and counselling services to youths and vulnerable people and battered women in the community to build their self-esteem and confidence
  • Provide educational, health and sports development projects for youths in the community to build their capacity, promote healthy living and opportunities in life. 

The Government in Lagos State will give us the land but no funds. Our strategy to raise funds will be via, Partnership, Sponsors, Grants, Concerts, Magazine Adverts for small businesses, Fundraising  and seminars.

Our first concert will be coming up in June. We hope to raise the first £10k through sales of tickets, sales of ANP Fundraising tools, contribution from our partners and sponsor. The estimate to build the home is £120k.

At this point we need your contribution which will make a difference either towards the home, Magazine to raise funds or Concert expenses. A break down and slide show for the project can be emailed to you when requested.



Thank you for considering this request and if you would like any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.  Please visit our website and


Yours Sincerely,

Juliet Ibe


Anew Life Project

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