Anewlife Project came into being in 2006 after going to Liberia and Nigeria and seeing the need among vulnerable people. God called me to this work and we have vision to set up food banks, education projects, Youth Activities to promote talents, work with the widows and a shelter for women, who have been on the streets and subjected to domestic violence. Even before this we have made regular ministry trips, combining the gospel and social action projects to help relieve poverty. The basis of our work is found in James 1:27 


With the Recent Pandemic, Anewlife Project food bank (Gift From God) could not reach the widows This Month  but used other means to reach them. We asked some of our volunteers to visit widows who live closer to give the amount of FIVE THOUSAND NAIRA. They are asked to go to the near by market to buy necessary food item. We only raised enough to give 8 widows with about 22 on the waiting list. We were also able to give Precious Pearl Orphanage the sum of 30 THOUSAND NAIRA FOR FOOD. We have a fundraising going on now on face. If we raise about £300 we can give more money to the other widows. At this point we are not sure how they will sustain before this pandemic is over. We ask you to please keep supporting to reach them before the worse happens. Here are some videos from this week money donations. Below is a donation box. Please donate nothing is too small. See Video and Pictures



am exceedingly happy to reach out to the widows in Alimosho local government today 28-3-2020 through the food bank of Anewlife Project before the lockdown took place. We lost a widow last year June for lack of small medication. I have promise to take care of them with your help off cos. We gave them 5kg Rice and 5kg Garri today. I am so so happy because I know we might lose one of two if they did not receive the food supply today. I want to thank Those who contributed for this to happen, The Anewlife team lead by Hon Mrs Laretta Ekwenobe - the treasurer of Anewlife Project and the Coker estate chemist Dr for her support. Dr zeal. God bless you all. Ps 41:1-3 will keep u. If you want to donate to the widows medical or food supply next month please visit Copy and paste  link for full videos





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Anewlife Project travelled to Alimosho local government on mission with international missionaries. See more on the video section..



Hello Friends, Supporters and Donors. Our rice Appeal has started. We are raising 200 bags for this year mission to Africa. Give  a bag to a poor home today..



One Bag From Barrister Sarada Pratt - £45

One Bag From Anonymous Giver - £45

Part Donation by Anonymous giver - £20




This is what you have done. We made it. Can you see the joy on their faces? Thank you for donating, you are bless. PST Juliet sacrifice her birthday gifts, money and cards to raise money to put this playground together for Precious Pearl Orphanage in Lagos state. What can I say.... I have the best birthday ever - giving to the less privileged. Glory to God. See how you can join or support Anewlife  












 When your work is transparent and trusted by the best children hospital,   great surgeons will want to work with the people you work with. A special thank you to Mr and Mrs Pastor Progress Bello, who works with the Great Ormond Street hospital London. She presented ANEWLIFE PROJECT well and got a blasting surprise. the picture below is a token to Anewlife project for the Christmas party with the less privileged and for the charity shop. Last year Christmas we did not have enough presents to go round over 300 children but this year God is so faithful. Anewlife project is putting smiles in the homes of the less privileged. We say a  big thank you for trusting  our work .  


Addicted to the kingdom work

The Managing Director helping to mix sand and cement to create a front area for Anewlife Charity shop. A beautiful experience - Leading by example 2016



Every little Counts

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Please donate to reduce homelessness and child abuse.  

Anewlife Project Team visited Precious Pearl Orphanage on our April 2015 mission trip. We spent the full day. Prepared Breakfast

Launch and Dinner and left in the evening. Some activities for the day. Videos are available on request


A day at the Precious Pearl Orphanage. Awesome experience but sad too.



Widows food Bank

£ 50.00 

We give monthly food supply to widows age 60 and above every month. We appeal to you to donate accordingly. You can also set a direct debit or a one off. Many thanks


Tv and Game station for the orphans

£ 250.00 

The orphans at precious pearl orphanage request for a TV and game station for social living. Can you donate. I visited in April we sang and played but no other activities available. Please donate if you can.






Future Plan of Anewlife Project


Drinking Cups and Plates for babies

£ 50.00 

We were disheartened when we had to use adult cups for 3-6 months old. No flat plates to feed or deep plates at the orphanage. They are saving lives but lack a lot of home essential. We need about 25 to cover the babies up to age 2. Can you provide them or give accordingly. If they have one each it will avoid a lot of infections. Each cost £2. What ever you can afford it's a start

2017 December Party for the Less privilege





Anewlife Project Visited the Widows in our new food bank project called Gift from God


Gift from God (GFG) is a monthly food bank for young widows with little children and older widow age 70 and over.


 Please always share our videos to reach a wider audience. Thank you

December 2016 Mission to Shasha. Lagos state. A special thank you to all our supporters and sponsor. We could not do it without your love and trust for this vision. Do not be tired in doing good. Keeping giving hope to the dying. 

                     Free Medical Check up                                                                 Christmas Dinner with Muslins and Christians


 Thank God For another Christmas and the gift of life               Live concert in aid of the widows in Shasha Lagos St



Thank you for visiting our site. We know you will be happy you visited. Please leave a message when you are done. This mission project was created out of passion and love for God's People and to obey the heart of God.

Our Christmas Campaign. You can make the difference

February Mission we gave over 100 bags of rice and paracetamol




Mission Work Feb 2016. We touched over 100 less privileged women and widows. We Provided free medical check up (Diabetes, High blood pressure and Urine text). We also gave bags of rice and paracetamol to women facing domestic voilence. I want to thank the team that traveled with me from UK and the team in Lagos State for your hard work. God will  remember you.

Elohim Worship Team food supply




Just Look at the smile a small amount of Rice given to less privilege can bring. For some it will be economize to last them for a month. The message is "God Remembered Us" Please support us to do more. See gallary for more pictures

Mission Work- Join us it is fruitful and needed

Pictures from the Feb 2016 Mission outreach @ Alimosho Local Government. Lagos

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I really appreciate God for all the team members. What a Hugh sacrifies. Many cannot do what you are doing. Bless and yes I will donate a bag of rice. Jay Z facebook Friend - 22/09/2016

I am already bless knowing a great woman of God like you who is to be trusted. Many more with great doors open -- VVC

 It is very pleasant to observe that people are still aiming to make society a better place and safer place to live in. You should feel very honoured that you are benefiting those to whom your purpose of this organisation concerns. Your reward is in heaven and you will truly be blessed. Keep up the good work and eventually everything will turn out in your favour. Amen. - Shade

On Sunday we gave 3 bags of rice to Elohim Worship center in a remote part of Alimosho local government. It was to be shared among 12 women. The news travelled round the area in less than an hour 40 people showed up. See picture. The pastor there had to now cut the portions to 2 2 bowls to each person. Is God not amazing?  Their word "This is True Religion".  They thought they have been forgotten.  This happened because you gave. We are planing to reach about 100 more women if we can gather all the pledge we have. Please send yours in. People are rejoicing because of you and I father has ticked it Hallelujah.  Thank you. Anewlife says thank you.  Anewlife Project Manager





The Christmas Campaign- Give Someone hope this Christmas Please


 Awarded for working with the less privileged communities in UK and Africa- 24/09/2016